June 6-9, 2016 | San Francisco, CA

Partnering & Education: Monday – Thursday

Exhibition: Tuesday – Thursday


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Academic Opportunities

As the world’s largest biotechnology event, BIO provides several specialized opportunities for the academic and technology transfer community, plus significant discounts! Tech transfer officers, strategic relations directions, licensing managers, research fellows, faculty, and business development professionals all take part in the the BIO International Convention. Attendees from university and research institutions come to BIO for the ample partnering, networking, and education opportunities.

BIO One-on-One Partnering™ for Academics

BIO One-on-One Partnering Academics capture the greatest value by participating in One-on-One Partnering. Partnering at BIO is the most efficient way to do business without traveling all over the world. The Partnering System allows you to communicate directly with the people you want to meet with, and all meetings are pre-scheduled so you arrive to BIO with an agenda. One-on-One Partnering™ allows academics the opportunity to tap the whole world for innovation and collaboration, making partnering at BIO the launchpad for the deals of tomorrow. 

Did You Know? 

  • Academic Institutions average 16 scheduled partnering meetings and have many more unscheduled meetings throughout the convention. 
  • The top 5 academic partnering institutions (3 international) average 68 scheduled partnering meetings
  • There is a new Academic Campus in the BIO Business Forum (Monday-Thursday)

Learn more about BIO One-on-One Partnering.


Education Sessions and Networking Events for Academics

Translational Research Forum

Tuesday, June 7
Open to Education & Exhibition Access and higher

The Translational Research Forum explores new translational funding, collaboration and licensing models. The forum brings a variety of stakeholders from universities, companies and accelerators in addition to federal, state and foreign governments to network and analyze the latest developments in technology transfer. The Forum also is able to survey best practices and outcomes from partnerships in transformational research and explore with the audience ways to leverage a greater return on public investment.

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

Sunday, June 5: 8:00am - 7:30pm
Monday, June 6: 8:30am - 6:30pm
Additional fee required**

The boot camp is an intensive, two-day program that walks participants through the necessary steps and gives you the skills to transform technology and invention into a viable company. You will develop the insight required for entrepreneurial success as you learn to:

  • Think strategically in selecting and managing projects
  • Plan for expeditious and cost-effective management
  • Understand the requirements of all the involved stakeholders
  • Oversee the essential components of the commercialization process

Some educational sessions at the BIO International Convention will qualify for Registered Tech Transfer Professional (RTTP), Continuing Legal Education (CLE), and Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) credits.

Sessions on Intellectual Property, Market Access, Business Development

BIO 2016 will host 100 sessions designed to help you stay up to date on industry developments and policies, improve your day-to-day operations and make informed decisions.

View the list of Session Topics for 2016.


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